RA Board Member Helen Lauer brings Reality to the Ebola Discussion

International Development Policy — In a rarified and politically correct discussion of African health policy, which always ends with Western NGOs demanding more money to save Africa (which somehow never happens), Rethinking AIDS board member Helen Lauer addresses the reality that Health SWAT teams and vaccines aren’t going to solve the development problems of Africa. If Africans don’t get access to simple things like clean water, no high tech health interventions can bring real change. While the discussion is mostly about Ebola, it equally applies to AIDS and other epidemics blamed on infectious agents ignoring all signs of social, environmental and economic factors.
Helen thanks Rethinking AIDS board members Christian Fiala and David Rasnick for key sources, and also the podcast work of Elizabeth Ely and David Crowe.



Read the book. Don't believe anything, investigate the many cited references. One of the better books on the topic out there.

January 2016 — A review of Joan Shenton's book, Positively False: Exposing the Myths around HIV and AIDS:

"I have no idea how anyone could possibly still hang onto the belief that HIV=AIDS after reading even the first 20 pages of this well done book ... This horrible mistake in blaming HIV, has lead the world down the wrong path, with the wrong medication. It's caused inordinate human suffering ... If you can only read a single book, this could be the one. Read it. You won't believe it at first. But go ahead and read some of the actual lab tests. You will realize that no reasonable person could possibly buy into the false story that HIV=AIDS when you see the actual source data, tests, experiments, and the real life statistics ..."


November 2013 — "The Gutierrez case has the potential to remap the landscape of HIV testing and prosecution in the United States military. With any luck, we will soon see the end of HIV test results being used as a basis to convict a serviceman for aggravated assault."



HIV Assault Ruling Could End All Such Military Cases

February 24, 2015 — The highest U.S. military court's reversal of a Kansas airman's aggravated assault conviction for exposing multiple sex partners to HIV at swinger parties in Wichita will effectively end such prosecutions in the armed forces, his attorney said. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces unanimously ruled Monday that prosecutors failed to prove that any of David Gutierrez's acts were likely to transmit HIV to his partners. That decision overturns a 25-year precedent that had allowed military personnel to be convicted of aggravated assault solely on the basis of a positive HIV test, attorney Kevin McDermott said Tuesday. Gutierrez was not accused of infecting anyone with HIV.


September 2013 — Joan Shenton has announced the launch of a new version of the Immunity Resource Foundation website, which now includes a blog and a news page and welcomes contributions. Mo Aziz — of vitamin D "Prescribing Sunshine" fame — will be co-administrator of the new site. The site includes many videos and full downloadable PDF archives of Continuum magazine.


These three subjects have these things in common:
  • No one can produce an authentic specimen.
  • All the evidence for their existence is anecdotal and based on human testimony.
  • Dedicated and ingenious quests have failed to locate an authentic specimen.
  • Nevertheless, their existence is attested by a cult of true believers.
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DATE: June 10, 2013
FROM: Helen Lauer, Ph.D.
TO: BBC World Service
SUBJECT: HIV analysis using electron microscopy
Dear Worldservice,

This morning May 31, 2013, I listened with great attention to the interesting segment on HIV detection and analysis using electron microscopy in your Science in Action programme. I was surprised however to realise that your interviewee failed to reveal the actual scientific state of opinion about the application of electron microscopy to HIV analysis...

Yours loyally,

H. Lauer, Ph.D.
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International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 29 (2015) — Calling Science Pseudoscience: Fleck’s Archaeologies of Fact and Latour’s ‘Biography of an Investigation’ in AIDS Denialism and Homeopathy, by Babette Babich

"Duesberg’s crime may have been to continue when other scholars simply gave up disputing what had become standard or received conventionality ... Duesberg has rather a lot of evidence on his side, epidemiological (including public health analyses) and clinical but also theoretical. Even more credibly (so one might think), he also has the support of Luc Montagnier who along with Françoise Sinoussi won the Nobel Prize for discovering the HIV virus (note that Robert Gallo, himself investigated for failing to credit others, and who was also in the same department as Duesberg at Berkeley, ought to be named, despite his own dicinclination to name others, among those who ‘discovered’ HIV). Montagnier supports Duesberg’s claims and in fact Gallo’s claims too accord with Duesberg’s ..."


Stricken Heroine Rethinkers Died from Toxic Drugs, Not AIDS
Christine Maggiore, Karri Stokely, Maria Papagiannidou

by Martin K. Barnes and Torsten Engelbrecht

The evidence is clear that Christine, Maria, Karri were NOT killed by 'HIV' or by AIDS, but 'HIV+' should not be routinely ignored as always meaningless, though it may well be caused by vaccination, pregnancy, African ancestry, or other non-health-threatening condition. We urge current clinical practitioners to become informed of the increasing body of research showing serious dangers of long term use of anti-viral medication. Read more...


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