RA2009 Conference Video Series

Rethinking AIDS is proud to begin presenting video content from its November 2009 conference in Oakland, CA. You will be able to view the videos here or independently on YouTube. We will be presenting  longer clips as well as shorter "highlights."

  Tony Lance, Part 1
Challenges facing gay men who question HIV/AIDS

  Tony Lance, Part 2
Introduction to the Intestinal Dysbiosis
Theory of AIDS Causation  


  Tony Lance, Part 3
The Intestinal Dysbiosis
Theory of AIDS Causation  

  RA2009 Keynote address by journalist Michael Tracey 

  Rethinking AIDS Press Conference — Segment 1 
 John Lauritsen, Charles Geshekter, Peter Duesberg,
Claus Koehnlein, Christian Fiala, Etienne De Harven,
Roberto Giraldo, David Rasnick and Michael Tracey

  Peter Duesberg and The Nagel Family

  David Rasnick: Do the drugs save lives?

  Karri Stokely, Part Two

  Karri Stokely, Part One

Shorter Videos — Highlights

  Karri Stokely, Part One, Highlights