christian_fiala_003.jpgJanuary 2013An interview with Dr. Christian Fiala, excerpted from the film Positively False: Birth of a Heresy.

" indicates that science has turned into something like a religion, where opinions are perceived to be a threat if they don't follow the currently held beliefs and if they don't represent political correctness. So what we need to understand is that science is not truth, it is one system, one belief system that helps us to understand reality, and like any other belief system, it has mistakes and we need to understand the functioning and try to make the best out of it, without taking it for the absolute truth."
Jad AdamsAn interview with Jad Adams, excerpted from the film Positively False: Birth of a Heresy.

"...What it all boiled down to in the end was two men in a room, deciding what history was. As a historian, that is really offensive...It was not actually what had happened, it was horse-trading about what they  could agree had happened, for political reasons."
neville_hodgkinson_003.jpgAn interview with Neville Hodgkinson, excerpted from the film Positively False: Birth of a Heresy.

"...if you're told that you are HIV-positive, it's a most terrible witch-doctor's bone being pointed at you, and often the curse of being told that you are HIV-positive has killed in itself because people give up and die."
Eleni EleopulosAn interview with Perth Group members Eleni Eleopulos and Dr. Val Turner, excerpted from the film Positively False: Birth of a Heresy.

"...HIV has never been isolated. Each assumption has been postulated only by indirect means...Every single prediction of the HIV theory has failed...There is no way to test for HIV, because all of the tests are based on indirect markers, none of which have been validated..."

Over the Rainbow with Marco Ruggiero

Celia Farber at The Truth Barrier interviews Professor of Molecular Biology and Rethinking AIDS board member Marco Ruggiero

“Everything about Ruggiero was improbable; A full Professor of Molecular Biology, Department of Experimental Pathology and Oncology at the University of Firenze, Italy, who suddenly appeared on the HIV/AIDS scene as somebody in whom the blood-soaked distinction between orthodox and dissident appeared to have dissolved. He was both. That is to say, he came from extremely mainstream, indeed orthodox channels, yet when he dissented from said orthodoxy on the question of HIV’s pathogenesis, he apparently did so not only without trauma, but to the sound of cheering, from his Italian colleagues and peers.”


baby_rico_003.jpgMay 7, 2013, Austin Daily HeraldJudge rules: Baby Rico staying with parents

A reader's comment: "The bond between mother and child is biologically the most intimate between any two humans and is the most important for the life of humans...How can anybody justify to interfere with force a mother to treat her baby with a DNA chain-terminator developed for the sole purpose to kill human cells for chemo-therapy?"

John and Rico“You have to understand the culture here,” Steve Nagel said yesterday, after the trial. “These people are bullies. they are medium fish in a small pond. they expect it to go their way. The judge is used to always being elected. There’s nothing here, a car goes by every ten minutes that’s what’s happening here.


A far too rare, fair-minded mainstream report on the fate of Baby Rico
Mower Co. Family Fights For Custody Of HIV-Positive Infant, CBS Minnesota

Radio Free Rico: "It has been the most astonishing week, experiencing the enormous reaction from around the world to the plight of little Rico Martinez Nagel, in what seems to be the death-throes of the rogue AIDS machine."


About “The AIDS Pandemic “

Dr. Marc Deru, Belgium.

Having read chapters 1, 3 and 4 of “The AIDS Pandemic”, I stopped as further reading of this book appeared to be pointless. James Chin seems to be an honest and competent epidemiologist (at least as far as infectious diseases are concerned) but the idea does not seem to have ever crossed his mind that AIDS could be non-infectious. This therefore constitutes a major bias which distorts his whole epidemical study.

However he correctly raises the crucial question from the start (p.3):

As of late 2006 two extreme views about this pandemic persist:

  • The position of Duesberg and other AIDS “dissidents”: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is not the cause of AIDS!…
  • The prevailing UNAIDS paradigm: HIV is the cause of AIDS…”