Review of the book, Positively False: Exposing the Myths around HIV and AIDS
Joan Shenton

I have no idea how anyone could possibly still hang onto the belief that HIV=AIDS after reading even the first 20 pages of this well done book.

Read the book!
It's as good as any book to get a handle on what the problem might be with AIDS.
I got on kindle and it was free to me from my Prime subscription. It's worth millions but it was free to read.

The only way you won't know there is a serious problem is if you don't read the book. If you do read it and doubt or think she's a liar, just read the cited references throughout. The references are the actual tests, the actual living, the dying, those having HIV and not having AIDS, etc. The overwhelming supporting data is what convinces the doubter. There is a “ton” of supporting data in the references. This book is well supported. And the references aren't by madmen or liars. They are scientists from all over the world. The data is overwhelming and completely supports the story she writes.

Up until three weeks ago, I also believed that HIV=AIDS, just like 99% of the world. I was as certain of it as I am an other widely held understanding in science.

I was previously convinced hearing so many officials, so many news outlets, repeating over and over again since the mid 1980's, that it must be real. Even the president of the US recently reaffirmed his intent to battle this thing. All the government web sites appear to reaffirm the same mantra, HIV=AIDS. I never heard that there was a singular dissenting voice. I was even HIV tested when I was single. How could the story be so very wrong? This book puts the pieces of the puzzle together. It makes sense of an otherwise mad scenario.

In 2015 my best friend died of cancer and it seemed to me that the chemo and botched up operations killed him. And I knew his underlying health and diet were poor for all his life. Seeing that after chemo he was near death. I wondered what happened to him. I began research into cancer and got side-tracked into the AIDS story. I could not stop reading and researching AIDS. I couldn't believe it! I slowly realized that I never did any research to support my belief in HIV=AIDS before, I just trusted the world and the well-established voices. But I learned they are promoting something very false and we are all sold what we've been told. The science absolutely doesn't support the mantra. The feeling was that of shock. Almost horror. How could virtually everyone be so very wrong about something so very, very important. I'm an engineer and part scientist, I read the actual test reports. I am shocked. How was I so deceived?

So I persisted like a hungry wild animal, reading everything I could get my hands on. I did this full time for three weeks (so far). I've ordered books, manuals, watched all the documentaries. But what made me reconsider was the actual science, laboratory tests; the work done by the world's leading experts in all the fields related to AIDS and retroviruses. What amazes me is one just has to look at the cited experiments cited by the government itself. I know the government remains steadfast in repeating the mantra that HIV=AIDS, but when I read their own assertions and read their own references, I discovered that the lab tests do not agree with what they are stating. That was probably the most convincing for me, that something is terribly wrong.

Joan has done a remarkable job. She managed to write a very interesting and appealing true story, yet she includes all the references. I don't believe anyone's statements anymore, especially after my research. All a person has to do is go to the references and read them. So far I've been able to find just about every reference and read the actual lab reports. I lost count of how many scientific laboratory tests are cited that place extreme doubt in the HIV=AIDS postulate. It simply doesn't hang together. Actually the science shows that HIV does not equal AIDS. We were all very wrong. It's hard to realize this and it's upsetting. The truth isn't being told other than low profile books like this one.

What Joan does additionally, that no one else does as well is that she builds, from quotations and facts, a very close up view of the actual characters who were central in the creation of this mess of getting the entire world to chase the wrong culprit, HIV. It's not just Joan's speculation, it's the voice of the man himself speaking, establishing a clear course of conduct. The rose is pinned, without a doubt, upon Dr Robert Gallo. But he was also enabled this time by a country's need to blame something (a virus) wrongly, instead of looking at the obvious and easily proven scientifically, that poor health habits leads to various diseases because of lowered immunity function.

This horrible mistake in blaming HIV, has lead the world down the wrong path, with the wrong medication. It's caused inordinate human suffering.

If you can only read a single book, this could be the one. Read it. You won't believe it at first. But go ahead and read some of the actual lab tests. You will realize that no reasonable person could possibly buy into the false story that HIV=AIDS when you see the actual source data, tests, experiments, and the real life statistics.

The only thing that's more convincing once you know the science doesn't support the false mantra of HIV=AIDS, is to listen to the persons affected directly. Watch them, listen to their story. They are all over YouTube. One of the most convincing ones is a doctor in Spain. He was diagnosed HIV-positive yet from his training knew AZT would kill and couldn't possibly help. So he didn't take it. He is fine and healthy, over thirty years later. But the death sentence nearly killed him at first being told he had HIV and that he would die from AIDS. I've talked to some of the surviving widows and listened to their first-hand testimony to me. We have been fooled. AIDS is not caused by HIV, not in any way. Read, discover, investigate.