The Rethinking AIDS Support Committee

The Rethinking AIDS "Support Committee" is composed of rethinkers of the HIV/AIDS theory who are highly respected for their contributions, not necessarily scientific or medical, to the cause of an open dialog on the important issue of whether HIV is the cause of AIDS. They will provide support and guidance to RA.

June 2017 — Through a vote of the board members, we recommended adding the following new member to the committee:
Neena Stewart

Qualified in medicine 1962. Early on, she worked in Gambia in the MRC malaria unit, then in the MRC Common Cold Research Unit in England. After several years as lecturer in infectious disease at Glasgow university, she went into public health and spent the rest of her career as consultant for communicable disease control. She is the widow of former board member, Gordon Stewart.

January 2012
 — Through a vote of the board members and voting members of Rethinking AIDS we are proud to announce the first nine members of this committee:

John Lauritsen

John Lauritsen has been a gay activist and scholar since the summer of 1969.  With the advent of the "gay health crisis" Lauritsen became an AIDS critic, joining forces with Hank Wilson to warn gay men of the dangers of "poppers" (nitrite inhalants). His first major article, "CDC's Tables Obscure AIDS-Drugs Connection", was published in February 1985.  His main outlet was the "New York Native", which from 1985 to 1996 published over 50 of his articles.

Lauritsen has written books and articles on many topics, including gay liberation, the English Romantics, and "Frankenstein".  His AIDS books are: (co-authored with Hank Wilson) "Death Rush: Poppers [Nitrite Inhalants] & AIDS" (New York 1986); "Poison By Prescription: The AZT Story" (New York 1990); "The AIDS War: Propaganda, Profiteering and Genocide from the Medical-Industrial Complex" (New York 1993); and (co-edited with Ian Young) "The  AIDS Cult: Essays on the gay health crisis" (Provincetown 1997)

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson is a writer whose main interest is in the prognostic value of medical diagnostic tests and their use in measuring and assessing health risks (particularly HIV antibody tests). Her work has been translated into four languages and has appeared in Spin, Christopher Street, Continuum, The New African, Medicina Holistica, the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, The Rethinking Aids Newsletter, Provincetown Positive, Zenger's, and, with co-author Barrie Craven, the anthologies “Environmental Health: Third World Problems—First World Preoccupations” and “Fearing Food.” She has also contributed to the textbooks History and Philosophy of Science for African Undergraduates and Ethical Issues in the Management of HIV and AIDS.

Mohammed Al-Bayati

Dr. Al-Bayati has a PhD in Comparative Pathology from the University of California at Davis and is dual board certified in toxicology (DABT and DABVT). He has over 25 years of experience in research, teaching and diagnostic work but is best known as an expert witness in legal cases involving accusations that one person harmed another that rely mainly on forensic evidence, particularly in cases where parents are accused of harming a child. Several times he has shown that the medical system itself is at fault, e.g. misinterpreting an adverse reaction to a vaccine as signs of violent shaking. Al-Bayati is the author of “Get All the Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS”.

Clark Baker

Mr. Baker is a retired member of the LAPD with 30+ years of investigative experience.  He is also OMSJ’s principal investigator and founder.  OMSJ is a Los Angeles-based 501c3 non-profit corporation that investigates medical and scientific corruption cases.  Since 2009, OMSJ has forced prosecutors to dismiss or plea-bargain dozens of HIV-related criminal cases throughout the US.

Gary Null

Gary Null PhD is an American radio personality, videographer and author in the fields of  alternative medicine and nutrition. He is the author of “AIDS: A Second Opinion” and director of the films, “AIDS Inc.” and “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS”.

Pol Dubart

Pol Dubart (aka P.J.Dunbar) is a graphic artist from Liege in Belgium. Having travelled twice to Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), in the late 1980s, he witnessed the outbreak of the HIV/AIDS terror crisis in that country. In 2006, after hearing by chance of the existence of AIDS Rethinkers, he discovered clues to the real nature of the HIV=AIDS tragedy and, after extensive research, he started translating into French books such as Rebecca Culshaw's «Science Sold Out», Peter Duesberg’s «Inventing the AIDS Virus» and Nancy T. Banks’ « AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed», as well as several articles dealing with this topic.

Nancy Banks

Dr. Nancy Banks is a graduate of Hunter College and Harvard Medical School.  She practiced general obstetrics and gynecology for 25 years and is an expert in the testing, diagnosis, and treatment of sexually-transmitted diseases.   She is the author of the award-winning book AIDS, Opium, Diamonds & Empire (2010).

Ed Asner

Edward “Ed” Asner is an American film, television, stage and voice actor, who won Emmy Awards for his role as “Lou Grant” on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and the spin-off, “Lou Grant”. His outspoken criticism of US foreign policy is believed to have led to the cancellation of “Lou Grant” despite its good ratings. He has also been outspoken on freedom of speech issues, 9/11 Truth and now, on the HIV=AIDS dogma.